Ethan Fuller

I am a passionate young journalist who has used a love of sports -- and a hunger for good stories -- to write and talk about communities, people and events on local and national levels. My dedication has fueled me in leadership positions in student media and as a writer for The Boston Globe, and numerous media outlets.

About Me

Despite spending my whole life in New England, Tom Brady was never my favorite athlete.

The Boston sports scene indoctrinated me quickly as a young fan growing up in Rochester, MA, and then Portsmouth, NH. But while the 21st century gave me Brady, David Ortiz and a host of other local icons to idolize, I always attached my fandom to less popular players. Deion Branch (post-prime) was my favorite Patriot, Daisuke Matsuzaka enthralled me on the mound, and Andrew Wiggins brought me into the basketball world. My first childhood sports hero, Bobby Labonte, never won a single NASCAR race during my time as a fan.

These athletes interested me because my friends did not know their backgrounds. I felt a personal responsibility to share who they were and why they mattered. That deep-rooted need to uncover the stories in sports has brought me to journalism.

At Boston University I have covered collegiate athletics for our student radio station, WTBU Sports. While the Terriers are known for their hockey teams, I managed the women's soccer beat my freshman year and both basketball beats as a sophomore, on the way to roles as basketball editor and co-director of the sports department. I have dedicated myself to covering the basketball teams fairly and accurately; I'd like to believe I am one of the most knowledgeable Patriot League basketball journalists out there. 

College allowed me to explore photojournalism as well. I shot Boston University basketball teams throughout the modified 2020-21 season, and developed professional-quality pictures for publication.

But my journey has led me beyond student journalism. I have worked as a high school correspondent for The Boston Globe, learning how to play my role in a high-stakes newsroom while covering events ranging from award ceremonies to swim championships. With the Globe, I took on the high school cross country and girls' basketball beats. I documented a changing landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic with comprehensive weekly notebooks and hard-hitting game stories.

I also challenged myself to create. gave me the freedom to write detailed NBA columns, and I spun the traditional Power Rankings into my unique "Sour" Rankings. Along with my work as a breaking news aggregator, I carved out my own niche with the fast-growing publication.

I wrote freelance stories for recruiting websites such as Zagsblog, and used my knowledge of basketball to co-found The Crystal Basketball Podcast with Rashad Landers. I also developed another podcast, my personal point of pride, called MAsketball, which highlights the people in and around Massachusetts' vibrant hoops culture.

Throughout my career in journalism, I have relied on my passion to understand the people and communities I am covering, as well as my determination to be a better journalist each day. I am eager to report on whatever is next, and I look forward to forging a positive legacy in this industry.

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